Introducing the next paradigm shift in fishing bait casting.
I call it Ice Casting.
Whether it's bait, flies or lures, simply ice whatever you want and then cast it.
Fishing has just been made easier.
You will get the distance you've always wanted. And the amazing thing is that once you cast it and the ice hits the water, it breaks up in a matter of seconds and you retrieve only the lure or the bait. No harmful waste to the environment.
Want a weight that will float, use ice.
All you have to do is drill a small 3mm diameter hole near the top edge of the ice. Tie a long loop in the line, thread it through the hole in the ice cube and fold the ice through the end of the loop. Now cast and see for yourself.
How about putting the bait on the hook and then freezing the whole bait hook and all inside a bigger ice cube. That way your bait will stay in tact when you cast it.The uses are endless.
Ice casting, why don't you try it?
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